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The search is very easy to use.  Simply click on the letter to the left that the surname begins with and you will be taken to a page that has all of the soldiers listed, in alphabetical order by last name, and then by first name or initial as we have found it in the records we have searched.  On each line you will see the soldier's name, his birth and death dates, if known, the state and county/parish in which he is buried and the unit in which he served.  There is also a column marked "Cemetery Code"  Click on the link below to go to the searchable list for the cemeteries.  Additionally, there may or may not be anything in the column labeled "Appendix" on the far right.  If there is a letter or group of letters in this cell, then click on the "Appendix" link and you will be taken to a series of sheets that will tell what additional information concerns burials in that cemetery or site.  As material is updated, we will update this site but not likely more than 3 times per year.
Last updated 19 January 2013


The Cemetery file will have 4 columns.  The first column is the state of the site or cemetery. The second column gives the Parish/County of the site or cemetery.  The third column gives the name of the cemetery and sometimes a written description of directions to the site but these can be very misleading and are time dates so that they can become useless over a period of time as names and landmarks change.  The last column, in the case of most Louisiana cemeteries is the most helpful in determining the location of the cemetery.  These are GPS coordinates and can be used at any map site to locate the cemetery.  However, we recommend use of the website www.la-cemeteries.com as a great source for searching Louisiana cemeteries.
Many times there was other information about a group of graves that requires further explanation. Rather than put all of this text with each record, an Appendix field was set up so that a simple code letter could direct the searcher to an Appendix section and explanation of the code.
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 How Can You Help?
If you see an obvious mistake or have updated information, please forward it to us.  We would like to keep the records correct.  However, please know that we reserve the right to change or not change a record and might have to include both records unless irrefutable evidence is  presented that the material printed here is wrong.  We also welcome new submissions of data if you do not see your ancestor on our list.  Please take a moment and drop us an email at the link provided below.  Thank you for your consideration..